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  • Gaurav Pawar

Realtime, Personalized and Relevant Experiences with Interaction Studio

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

As an end consumer I expect my Brands to always stay relevant and I want them to know me, my evolving affinities and my preferences.

Sounds complex? It's not.

Salesforce Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) solves for the above problems and much more by instrumenting web portals with customized scripts and tools.

Imagine marketers having the ability to:

  • determine next best action and offer for each customer

  • match anonymous visitors with identified customers

  • catalog the business specific products

  • serving up relevant products and content realtime

  • delivering experiences that inspire customers to take actions

  • syncing engagement history from web portals to CRM and SFMC Journeys

KPIs - LTV and AOV
Surface important customer KPIs


Easy view into affinities
Surface Affinities by Views, Time, Value


Historical Data
Purchase history and browsing history made available to Customer Service and Marketers

With a standard 12 weeks engagement we at JourneyBlazers enable your marketing teams to achieve the above outcomes.

Want a free Interaction Studio demo and get a glimpse of how we would make this work for your brand - see our personalized offering here

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