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  • Gaurav Pawar

Reactive to Predictive Marketing...

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

“We need a scalable and a reusable approach across multiple business segments to – capture, segment and target Customers that are interacting on our multiple touchpoints. However, we have segregated data sources, multiple technology platforms, diverse touchpoints and limited resources.”

Sounds familiar?

Having led over 24 marketing strategy and marketing technology engagements, I have witnessed the transition of many marketing teams which were struggling from being reactive and transitioned over to becoming predictive.

Oh, and this transition does not happen overnight – or over a quarter!

Going from an email marketing ‘spray and pray’ approach to a wishful, insight driven ‘Next Best Action’ marketing model requires a lot of stars to align.

Every client’s business is different, their technology stack is different, the way their business has evolved is different and so is the Customer base. End Customer’s expectations and digital touchpoints have evolved and they will keep evolving, and hence this the challenge that every marketer faces – How do I keep up?

The goal of this article is to help think through parameters that will help assess the landscape and help in determining the current maturity. Again – every situation is different – so play (read) along.

Our marketing strategy consulting engagements include assessing your current situation and helping you render a roadmap to get you from reacting to predicting.

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