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  • Lauren Pizi

Training & Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

At JourneyBlazers we have helped many clients migrate from platforms like Responsys, Acoustic and GovDelivery into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Every platform migration comes with its own set of challenges, the biggest one being driving the adoption via training and change plans.

We measure our success by making sure that we aren't just standing up a platform, but, are handing off the baton to a well trained team of stakeholders (admins, content creators, data analysts, marketers, viewers etc.) who are comfortable operating the platform after our engagement.

It's your Ferrari. We configure it, you drive it.

Here's why change management is particularly important in SFMC.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is constantly evolving and provides advanced features / capabilities to manage your complex marketing needs.

As a SFMC user (depending on your role) on a given day you could be:

- writing SQL for segmentation

- creating advanced data models in Contact Builder

- using SSJS and AMPScript to create dynamic content areas & personalizations

- instrumenting cross-channel journeys

- drafting and approving content

- configuring sends

- tuning platform policies & settings

- creating automations to support complex requirements

amongst other things

If you are using SFMC for the first time getting up to speed to perform the above tasks may seem daunting.

You aren't just a marketer anymore. You are a technologist first!

Marketers are constantly thinking about data sources, imports, identity resolution, integrations, personalizations, CTAs, web analytics, consent, suppressions, engagement metrics, dashboards and journeys.

Getting comfortable with tackling all these features in SFMC requires hands-on experience and prescriptive use-case based guidance.

At JourneyBlazers we offer our client's a personalized training plan as a part of our engagement that is inclusive of but not limited to the topics listed here. This includes hands-on, exercise based, training sessions (in-person / remote) to team members in different roles (Admin, Content Creators, Marketing Ops, Security, Data Integrators etc.) along with best practices documentation. This allows us to drive adoption and acceptance across the client teams.

To find out more about our offerings contact us at

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