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Educational Workshops

Which is the right platform?

Pardot / SFMC

Understand which platform better fits your current and evolving business needs.


We enable you to make an educated decision.

SMS/mobile studio workshop

SMS architecture, regulations and contacts flow is different.


A demo how Mobile Originated and Mobile Terminated messages will work for your business.


social studio


Understand how the Listen, Analyze and Engage modules work.


We will build a dashboard of your company's social media handles and activity.

Journey Builder workshop

Learn to implement complex  Journeys and understand use cases and best practices.

We help you understand every intricacy that could affect your customer's flow.

Health assessments

Actionable insights into your platform's current state configuration, compliance violations and future roadmap. 

Give us a quick 2 weeks with your Org.


interaction studio workshop

Personalized demo on your Live website by forcing a JavaScript to showcase how we can capture end customer's real time interactions with your brand.

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